I can paint!

I have a dilemma.  I’ve been told that I can paint murals.  I guess that I can, because I’ve painted 3 so far and will be painting a 4th in the near future.  Here’s the thing.  The first ones I did more as a favor and because I thought it would be fun.  I did them where I work (a local YMCA) so I just clocked in as I would if I were working a normal day.  The thing is, people are encouraging me to pursue this more as a business and tell me I should charge accordingly.  Even the director of the YMCA is telling me that.  So my dilemma is figuring out how much to charge.  

I’ve looked at murals online and researched some painters, however none that I have found so far post a billing scale.  I can understand why – each job is different, requiring different skills/time/materials so each job is estimated differently, but that doesn’t really help me out now.  I’ve made up an estimate/contract sheet for the upcoming jobs that I have, and I do have them!  I have several people telling me that they want me to do something in their home, just let them know what it would cost.  So you see my problem!

I also have a confidence issue.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, but it isn’t in painting.  I didn’t like painting in college and didn’t really do well in the class, although I do like some of the paintings I did.  But I look at some of these mural artists’ work online and think “there’s no way I can do that!”  Artists – good artists – have an ego.  They do good work and they know it.  They have to, to be able to do the work they do.  I don’t have that ego.  I like what I do, but I don’t think it’s “amazing” or “incredible” or some of the other things people have said to me.  

I’d love it if you can leave feedback for me or any suggestions you may have to go about doing this.  I’m all about getting ideas and suggestions from others!

The mirror was already there, I just painted the frame around it.  Since this was in the children’s room, I thought a fantasy theme might be fun.  I don’t like my dragon, though.

I got the idea for this one from reading Stephen King’s new book, Duma Key.  Fantastic read if you have time!

Monkey helped paint the flowers and butterfly on this one.  


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