Conversations with women when men aren’t around

I was able to go out with some other mommy friends last night without children.  How stress-free that was!  It was a local restaurant that doesn’t have a liquor license so we were able to brown-bag wine.  Much cheaper that way!  Anyway, there were 6 of us and 5 each brought a bottle.  Needless to say, we didn’t get to finish all the wine – I think one or two bottles weren’t even opened yet.  

Conversations between women/moms are quite interesting.  Topics included our children, our husbands and our families, potty training and all the bad words our children learn from us.  Summer camps, house shopping and I think all of us at one time or another have hit a stationary object.  Sneaking out as teenagers, college pranks, whether or not alcohol was allowed in State Parks.  We talked about lots of things, both funny and serious.  We talk and talk with lots of detail and information.  It’s part of how we share our friendships.  And if our yard ever gets “forked” with plastic forks, I’ll know who did it.
We also talked about how different men are with their friends than women.  Not in a bad way or anything, just different.  Guys can go for years without seeing or talking to a friend, and when they do catch up, it’s not really a long, drawn-out conversation with lots of details.  Gals need to catch up and talk about every little thing.  Guys don’t need to do this.  Example:  One friend’s husband was asked to be the best man in one of his friend’s wedding.  She didn’t even know he had this particular friend – at least that he was close enough to be the best man!  Another friend mentioned that a baby was born and her husband didn’t know the details.  Personal example:  we get an email – an EMAIL – from a long time friend of Trey’s that he’s going to be a daddy.  
When I got home and talked about this conversation to Trey, he said “oh yeah, Shane and Jules had their baby last week (names are changed to protect the innocent).”  As a note to all you men out there reading the blog (all two of you, I’m sure), please know that pregnancies, wedding and births are all very important information to your wives.  There are things to do, plans to be made, gifts/cards/dresses to purchase.  We need to know the weight, size and name of the baby.  How is the mom?  The dad?  How is the baby?  Are the siblings adjusting?  (if they’re in town) Do they need anything?  Can we get a meal to them?  If there’s a wedding in the future, we need to know when?  Where?  How formal is it?  Where is the bride registered?  What are the colors of her wedding?  Since you’re the best man, aren’t you supposed to plan the bachelor party?  When will that be?  Where are you going for it?  If you’re going to have a baby, we need to know things like due date, how is the mom-to-be doing?  How is the pregnancy going?  (thankfully, our friend understood that I needed details and supplied them, in an email, of course 🙂 ).
Yes, women really do need to know all these things.  I know (because Trey told me) that when Shane and Jules had their baby that the baby is fine and he told them congratulations.  That’s it????  

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