after a good brushing and bath and this is what I get….

Today I did something that I’ve been putting off all summer long.  I brushed and washed our old Husky.  She’s an old girl and the older she gets, the less tolerant of brushings and baths she gets, which is why I’ve been putting it off.

That and the amount of fur that comes out from her blowing her coat is enough to make another small to medium sized dog.
She does this twice a year.  She starts shedding her winter undercoat when warm weather arrives, then as cold weather comes, she starts shedding her lighter, summer coat.  It’s insane.  Once, when we were in OK, Trey commented on the fact that it looked like a dog blew up in our yard (not that we would DO that, of course!).  You know – poof – then a cloud of fur.  I can see it in a cartoon or comic somewhere, only I think it was a chicken and feathers went flying everywhere.
Anyway, this worked out well happening today because I needed something to blog about.  Not that you care that I brush and wash my dog, but I took pictures of the mound of fur to prove to you I’m not making this up.  And it gives me something to write about.
This is the mound of fur that I combed out of her coat.  I didn’t even really get around her neck or her tail because she was just too grumpy for all that.

This gives you an idea of just how big that pile of fur is.  Anyone need a pillow stuffed?
Now that she’s clean….
… she gives me that “whatever, mom” look.  The one I’m sure I’ll get from my kids in the not-to-distant future.

2 thoughts on “after a good brushing and bath and this is what I get….

  1. Wow..she is awesome! (Though I’m sure that wasn’t going through your mind during the bath and shedding)…

    Really though, she looks great!

    We’d like to get a pet of our own, though a much smaller pup…g/f is scared of dogs…

  2. Yeah, she is pretty awesome. She’s calmed down quite a bit in her old age but we used to go rollerblading together when she was younger. It was a blast!

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