Frugal Friday

Has it already been a week?  

Is it really time for more frugal tips?
I’m not sure I can keep this up.  I couldn’t make the Wed Week in Review work.  I admire those blogs that I’ve been reading  that has weekly regulars like this.  Things like Works For Me Wednesday, Favorite Ingredient Friday,  Super Savings Saturday, and I think I saw somewhere else that someone had a Frugal Friday, but I don’t remember where it was.
It’s tax-free weekend this weekend, that’s frugal, isn’t it?  I only spent $10 on school supplies for Monkey and a backpack for Little Man (he starts preschool this fall).  
Ok, sorry, that’s all I have.  I didn’t have a chance to surf the ‘net looking for neat, frugal ideas with the house work, tax free shopping and grocery shopping I did this evening.  Now it’s time to go veg in front of the TV.

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