school shooting

A friend told me about a school shooting that happened yesterday.  Seems like a really interesting coincidence that I just wrote yesterday about what you say when your hand is on the door.  What do you tell your children when you send them off to school?

I’m still digesting this information about the school shooting, but my first thoughts are how sad, how terribly sad it is to lose a child and to be the parent of a child who shoots and kills another.  I just can’t imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes.
Hug your little ones today…

3 thoughts on “school shooting

  1. I often tell my students, many of whom are parents, that when their childern,especially teenagers, go out the door; you don't know whether or not you will ever see them again. No matter how much you may want to, you can not "chain them up in their room". My Dad told me once (here comes another story) when I was concerned about my little brother & sister: "You can't hold their hand every time they cross the street. Sooner or latter, they will have to cross it by themselves. All you can do is hope, & have faith that they will safely reach the other side." Which made me feel better until he added: "and if there is a car coming, there's not d___ thing you can do about it."

  2. My nephew attends Central and was a witness to this horrific act. What a terrible thing to be able to tell people – I was a witness to a murder. And to only be 15 years old. It is such a shame and a terrible waste of more than one life. There is so much more to this than the one boy who shot one boy. Yes, those lives are completely and forever changed, but what about the other 200 kids that were in that cafeteria when it happened? And the ones that were close enough to see it happen and be helpless to stop it? What happens to them?

  3. Thank you, Page, for reminding me that there are many more “involved” than just the victim and the shooter, having to cope with what they witnessed.

    There just aren’t any words….

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