she did it!

Last month I posted that Monkey auditioned for and got a solo in a performance our church’s summer children’s choir was producing.  Last night was the big night.  Our church served a fellowship dinner and after the dinner, the children did their show.

Sure, there were a few technical difficulties and sometime lines were cued by the director, but the singing was wonderful.  Monkey’s song had two solos in it; hers was the second one.  After the first girl finished, Monkey went to stand by the mike, but she had to wait for some spoken parts to be finished.  I’m guessing she stood at the front of the stage for about 2-3 minutes before she actually started singing.
She did so well!  There’s no way I could have done what she did and we’re so proud of her.  Actually, all the children did great!  We’re all very proud of how they all did.  It was very enjoyable and funny and I think they all had a great time.  They even earned a standing ovation!  (but then,  I think most of the audience had children or knew children performing, so of course they had a standing ovation!)
A note to the grandparents- we did take pictures and video tape the whole thing.  

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