Question of the day

What happens to the white when snow melts?


3 thoughts on “Question of the day

  1. Chemically pure water is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. (Look, smell, & taste a glass of distilled water.) Colorless & clear do not mean the same thing. Koolade is clear but not colorless. Disolved air & minerals give water it's taste. Orange juice taste better when shakened and frothy. Liquid water frozen into ice is colorless. Snow looks white because of air that is trapped inside the ice which reflects light. "White" is not a color but results when all the colors present in light are reflected to the eye. (Black clothes absorb all the colors and is the result of the absence of color reaching the eye.)Black also absorbs heat and "white" reflects heat. When snow melts, the air escapes and the resulting liquid is colorless once more.
    This is my theory, anyway.

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