I’m irritated

I found out today that someone downloaded/copied one of the pictures I posted to the blog.  Some of you might think “well, you put your life out there for the public to see,” so there.

Well, I disagree.  Just because I wear a mini-skirt doesn’t make it ok to sexually assault me.  “Oh, that’s not the same thing.”  Isn’t it?  I’m walking down the street and someone snatches my purse.  Well, I was carrying it in public so I deserve that.  No.   I don’t think so.  
Just because I put something “out there” for the public to see, doesn’t mean that it’s ok for you to use it without permission, Austin, TX.  I have no idea why you wanted that picture.  Maybe you thought Monkey’s room rules were cute and you wanted to show them to your child as an example.  Maybe you wanted to put it on your own blog and claim that your own child wrote them.  Maybe you just like to read kid’s writing and decided to put it on your desktop.  Whatever your reason, you took without asking.  I’m a giving person.  I take pictures, lots of them, for our church to use/not use at their discretion.  I don’t want credit and I’m not concerned because I know they will be used carefully.  I share pictures I take of school parties with other parents because I think they may want pictures of their kids that I take.  Had you asked first, I probably would have said “sure, how flattering,” but you didn’t give me that choice.
Call this a lesson learned, but I will no longer be posting pictures – and I will be removing all the ones I’ve posted so far – until I have purchased a watermark program and learned a little more about copywriting pictures.  Ignorance isn’t an excuse and I won’t hide behind it.  I was naive and thought that surely no one will take my pictures, they really aren’t all that interesting.  Well, now I know better.
Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.
(just as a side note, yes, I do use pictures from flickr’s creative commons area, but you’ll always see a “photo by” underneath so credit goes where it is due.  I’m not the pot calling the kettle black)

2 thoughts on “I’m irritated

  1. Where is the pix of Little Man’ powder episode?? Was this one of the ones you removed?? Being a grandma I really was interested in seeing that as well as the “rules…” dgl

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