pajama day, part 2

It’s really hard to get anything done on a pajama day if I can’t get myself off the computer.  But there’s something that I wanted to share with the internet.  It’s something I’ve already shared with friends and family, but that was before I had this blog, so if this is a repeat for some of you, oh well…

Back in the spring/early summer, a painter came to visit our church.  His name is Mike Lewis and he calls himself the Jesus Painter.  His story (and I hope I get this right – it’s been a while) is that he was in school to be a product designer like for toothpaste or something.  He had a friend in college that was in a band and asked him to paint a picture of Jesus while the band played.  He had never painted before, certainly not in front of a crowd, but he did it anyway, and it was amazing.
He took a leap of faith and to hear him tell the story, he has been so blessed since then that he just can’t believe it.  We have two of his paintings hanging in our worship hall and they inspire me every time I see them.
I’ve embedded a couple of his videos and I hope you take the time to watch them and be inspired to take a chance today.  Do something out of your comfort zone and trust that it’ll be ok.  You’ll be amazed at what can happen for you.
Did you see the Knoxville Tours bus in that last video? Coincidence?  
Happy Accident? You tell me….


2 thoughts on “pajama day, part 2

  1. They aren’t images, they’re youtube videos that are embedded in the post – or at least they should be. Maybe it’s the system you’re using?

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