pajama day

We’re having another pajama day today.  I had one last week and it was fantastic!  Monkey is in school from 7:45-2:45.  In the mornings, we leave for the bus stop at 6:50 or so, pulling Little Man in the wagon.  We’re just a few houses away and while I don’t like the thought of Monkey walking alone, I certainly am not one of those moms that will drive half a block to drop her off.  It only takes us 5 minutes to get there by foot, so why bother?

On a side note, one morning Monkey was slow to get ready.  I, on the other hand, just change out of my pajama pants to jeans, throw on a baseball hat, and I’m ready to go.  I tell you this because I want you to understand that if we run late in the mornings, it’s because Monkey is a slow mover.  Not because I linger on the internet.  But on this particular day, it was all Monkey.  And she almost missed the bus.  About half way down the street or so, I saw it pull up and Monkey starts running.  There are several kids waiting, so it takes a minute to load up.  Just as she is running up (about 25 feet or so away), the bus starts to pull away.  She’s very upset she’s missing the bus, starts crying and gives up – just as someone (in one of those parked cars that drives to the stop) honks their horn and the bus stops, she turns around and runs up and gets on.  It’s all I can do to be the good mom and not laugh about it because all I can think of is my granddaddy saying “you’ll know better next time, won’t you?”
She hasn’t really been late, since.  
So, back to my topic.  Last week, I stayed home all day.  I got a few things done, like the kitchen and four loads of laundry – all folded and put away, no less! – but in a relaxed, I don’t have to be anywhere today, kind of way.  I forgot how wonderful pajama days are.
We’re having another one today.  Not by choice, though, because normally Little Man would be in school today and I’d be using that time without children to do something amazing, like go to the store all by myself.  But he isn’t feeling well, today.  He’s quite the pitiful little man when he’s sick.  He didn’t even want to sit up in the wagon, he wanted to lay down in it.  He’s the kind of guy that when he isn’t feeling well, all he wants to do is lay down – in a wagon, on the floor, on the bed, on mommy, so I don’t generally have to take care of a fussy, crying, grumpy sick child, which is nice.  Of course, now that I’ve put that out there, I’m sure I’ll hear him crying any minute now and he won’t stop the whole day.
So, what’s on the pajama day to-do list for today?  Clean the kitchen again, more laundry, tag items for a consignment sale, possibly paint some trim, maybe clear some things off the DVR.  I’ll leave here to pick up Monkey from school around 2:00, probably still in my “bus stop” clothes and hat and continue to have my pajama day after school. 
That’s what I did last week and it was great.
Love a good pajama day!

One thought on “pajama day

  1. amen to that!!! Had to laugh re: Little Man being sick–not that he is sick but your description of his “sick behavior.” Poor little guy–Wonder if he wants you “to look at him” when he is sick?? dgl

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