the internet, part 2

Ok, you know how yesterday I was critical of the internet?  Well, guess what?  Today, I love it.  Why the sudden change you ask?  It’s simple.

And Austin City Limits.  Live.  On my computer.
If it hadn’t been for Pandora (I’m an avid user – just another reason to get an iPhone), I would never have known that I could listen to Austin City Limits.  Live.  On my computer.  While I do housework.
And this isn’t the watered-down version that’s featured on PBS.  This is the actual festival, happening in Austin.  Right now.  Today.
A few years back, Trey called me from ACL.  The Dead were there and he wanted me to hear them play.  I couldn’t, really (sucky cell service), but it’s the thought that counts, right?  Which leads me to another reason I like the internet (except when it’s keeping me from doing housework) is I can look up The Dead’s tour schedule for the fall.   I found out from a friend today that they’re touring again.  It’s not the same, I’m sure, but it’ll still be a fun time.
Get out your tie-dye, people.

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