Super Savings, pt 2

I’m updating because yes, I did go back and get more food.  We now can not in any way stuff more food into our freezers, which is a good thing!  I also had some time on my hands while I was waiting to pick up Monkey and I think I figured out what I saved with the 1/2 price sale going on.  If I did my math right, on the first trip I spent $117 and saved $135.  Not too shabby, wouldn’t you say?  And for my second trip, I spent $18 and saved about $40. 

This is the first trip.  I wasn’t the only one loaded down – there were others just as full as mine and some even had two carts! 
This was the second trip.  Yes, you do see six tubes of chocolate chip cookie dough – what of it?! 


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