cats, love ’em or hate ’em

Don’t we have cute cats?  They’re brother and sister and have an interesting life story.  I used to work at an animal hospital and these two were left at our door one morning, in a box.  Later that day, the boys that found them called to make sure they were ok.  Apparently there were originally three kittens found by three boys in a park.  They each took one home, but only one was allowed to keep his.  The other two boys weren’t able to.   I don’t know if the story is true, but I liked it just the same.  They stayed with us (at the clinic) for several months, in a large cage in our waiting room, hoping for an adopting family.  
I felt really bad for these cute bundles of energy that couldn’t really run around and play.  During closing hours, whoever was working at the desk would sometimes let them out to run around, but it just wasn’t enough.  Trey got tired of hearing me talk about them and said something along the lines of “Fine, if it will shut you up, bring them home for the weekend.”
They never left.
Sneaky, aren’t I?
This one is the brother.  He’s fat.  And innocent looking.
Don’t let that fool you, though…
See those glowing eyes?  He has an evil streak for sure (and no, it’s not just the reflection from my flash).
“what, who me?  Not me.”  He decided to use Little Man’s bed as a litter box today.
I know it was him because he’s the only one who has litter box issues.
So, at 6:30pm, an hour before bed time, I’m having to wash sheets and blankets so Little Man won’t have to sleep on Disney Princess sheets.  Good thing the mattress liner is plastic.
Just look at that nonchalance.  How dare he have the audacity to clean himself.

2 thoughts on “cats, love ’em or hate ’em

  1. I think it’s the winter blanket that I put on Little Man’s bed. The cat has done it twice, now. He’s working through his nine lives.

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