parental bribery

photo by jerine
Today I took the kids to get their flu shots.  Actually, Monkey was a few months overdue for her 6-year well child checkup so we needed to get that done, too.  What??  We’ve been busy!
First, let me tell you that last year, when Monkey had to have her shot, I had to hold her down kicking and screaming.  Little Man was with me and a nurse had to carry him out of the room because Monkey was making such a fuss.
I was not a happy camper.
This year, I talked to Monkey and talked and talked about it.  About how she needed to be a big girl and set an example for Little Man.  She needed to put her on big girl panties and suck it up.
Ok, I didn’t say it quite like that, but she knew my meaning.
Have you ever taken a puppy to the vet to get shots?  They crumble up a bunch of treats for the pup to eat and while it’s eating, the vet gives it the shots.  The puppy has no idea what happened.  Monkey went with me when our puppy had to have shots and I explained what they were doing with the treats.  He didn’t even flinch.  This was back in July or so. 
Apparently, this stuck with her.  Just as we were getting ready to leave the house, she asked if we could take some of our chocolate covered pretzels for her to eat to distract her from getting the shot.
Uh… sure!  
Let me tell you, it worked.  I didn’t think it would because Monkey didn’t want to pull her arm out of the sleeve and started pushing the nurse away and getting upset.  The nurse reminded her of her pretzels and as soon as Monkey took a bite, the nurse popped the syringe.  I swear to you, Monkey actually giggled!  Giggled that a trick that works on a puppy actually worked on her.
Hey, whatever gets it done, right, people?
On the way home, she tells me it didn’t even hurt.  After explaining (again) why she needed one in the first place, she tells me she’s glad she got her flu shot.  Amazing!
Oh, for those of you who wondered, “What about Little Man?”, he got his shot first, in the leg, and he didn’t like it.  He cried until he got a pretzel of his own.  Then he simmered down a bit.  
Just another banner parenting day – full of threats and bribery.

6 thoughts on “parental bribery

  1. That’s so not how my visits used to go. Sure the kids were usually fine, but dad here, I needed the chocolate covered pretzels. I probably cried more when they got a shot than they did. Would just about ruin my day 🙂 I’m glad yours went well though. Wish I would have thought about the pretzels about 8 years ago.
    PS. I really enjoy your writing. You paint good pictures with words.

  2. Thanks!!

    I used to get all worked up when they were little, but after a while, I got over it. I’m tough like that with shots.

    But don’t get me started on bloody injuries; that’s when I tend to get woozy.

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