the wheels are turning

I have a thought.  It’s been bouncing around in the empty space between my ears for a while.  It has to do with this blog.  I know I don’t have a lot of regular readers outside immediate family and some friends, but I do know there are a few out there that come by once in a while to read.

I think that’s really cool.  I love looking at my statcounter and seeing the different places people come in from.  I like to try and guess who they are, too.  Now, I know that there’s no way to know who is visiting me from where, but I still like to play that game.  Did the blog writer from blog A visit me today?  Are they from Florida?  I can’t remember…  That kind of thing.  Several have left comments, which I love because then I know who is reading and what they think.  Sure, there are a lot that just hit on my blog with a search and bounce away again, never to return, but that’s ok.  It’s still one more spot on my map.
I never made any pretense that this blog would turn into one of those that had huge readerships.  I’m not doing this for money, my main focus is still for the family and friends that want to know what’s going on with us.  However, the more I read blogs, the more interesting people I “meet” and I want to invite them over to my little space in the blogosphere.
It’s like when you meet people at a social gathering or event.  There are those you meet that are nice and you shake hands and say “nice to meet you” but then you move on.  And then there are those that you meet that for whatever reason, you just keep talking to them.  They have that … something … that you want to be a part of and you want to introduce them to your friends.  I’ve seen a lot of blogs like this.  I read them regularly and I want others to read them too.
So, back to my thought.  I want to have “guest posts”.  But it’s really weird to ask someone you don’t “know” to come write something for your own blog.  At least it is for me.  I’ve already asked one and she said she would, but she’s busy (I know how THAT is!) and it hasn’t worked out just yet.  I’m still excited about it and look forward to making it work.
I have a list in my head of who I want to ask.  Some have done guest posts before and others I don’t think have, but I hope to ask them.  I want to ask them.  One of these days I’ll step out of my comfort zone and ask but until then… 
…any volunteers?

9 thoughts on “the wheels are turning

  1. Hey! Thanks for visiting! I’m so glad you posted your comment. I wish I could say I was fluent in german, but oh well. I’ll still look at your blog – I just won’t be able to read anything…
    I hope you keep visiting.

  2. I just discovered that through Google, I can translate your blog. It’s tough reading, not a very smooth translation, but still. Thanks for leaving your website!

  3. Sometimes you meet people that you dismiss right away. Ones that you do not care to know. But other times, you meet people and connect. I call them “Kindred Spirits”.
    I also find that some people who are important in your life recycle through. Sometimes it takes years. So you have to stick around awhile to see it happen.
    (Serendipity) isjl

  4. Hey there.
    I think you should just go right out and ask. You never know they could be flattered and well, as my nan always used to say, if you don’t ask you don’t get!
    Have seen you over at Writer Dad’s and more recently at the car crash that was one of his latest posts.
    I have no idea blogging had become such a blood sport!

  5. I know – what’s the worse thing that could happen, right? They say no and we move on. But still, I have self esteem issues that I have to work through.

    Yeah, that was quite a trainwreck over there! I felt like I was back in high school, only more brutal.

  6. Ahhh…those comfort zones, as cool as they are, sure can be a nuisance sometimes huh? Do what I’ve done, don’t jump out of the zone, ease out of the zone, one little step at a time. (which I see you doing now, good job!) Check the ground once you start stepping out. I’ve learned though, that more than likely your not going to sink. You might step on a nail, but by easing out slowly, you can feel it before putting all the pressure on it, and avoiding an accident. But, if you do have that occasional accident, you’ll have probably forgotten about it sooner than you think.

    Plus, your never going to get volunteers 🙂 WE the people, don’t typically volunteer for anything. You see that in every aspect of life. Work, home, I see it at church even.


  7. Scott, you just volunteered yourself. See, I’m that “teacher” that picks the one kid that’s trying not to answer the question.

    So how ’bout it?

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