just another day…

Another busy day is on tap.  Little Man has preschool from 9-2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so these are the days I try and schedule my volunteering at Monkey’s school, go to the grocery store, breathe.  Well, naturally, being the overachiever that I am, I overbooked myself for today.

Let’s see…  Here’s a snapshot of my day:
8:45 leave house
8:46 return to house because I forgot something (I ALWAYS forget something)
8:55-9:00 drop off Little Man
9:05 head to Monkey’s school to set up the Fall Festival signs out by the street and decorate them.  I’m hoping that those who offered to help will be there.  With help it should take maybe an hour
9:30-11:30 volunteer in Monkey’s library (see the problem?  How am I supposed to be decorating and shelving books at the same time?)
11:45-1:45 eat lunch, run to the grocery store, take groceries home, finish decorating signs if no one shows up at 9 to help
1:55 pick up Little Man
2:05 go sit in the car line for Monkey and wait for school dismissal at 2:35.  I like this because it gives me a chance to catch up on reading.  I’m re-reading The Shack right now.  Phenomenal book. 
2:35 the children dismiss and the line starts to crawl forward.
2:45 head home
3:00 rush Monkey to do her chores, check my emails and Google reader
3:19 leave the house for Girl Scouts
3:20 return to house for whatever I forgot
3:30 drop Monkey off at Girl Scouts
3:40 Parent/Teacher conference with Monkey’s teacher
4:00 go to chiropractor
4:10 – 5:00 go home to do my chores – dishes, laundry, pick up the house – that’s such an odd phrase, isn’t it?  I mean we don’t actually pick up the house, do we?  We pick up things lying around the house, so why say…  oh – sorry, where was I? Oh crap!  I’m late!
5:10 pick up Monkey from Girl Scouts
5:30 dinner, probably meet my cousins at Chick-fil-A for Family Night since I didn’t have time to cook anything at home. 
6:45 or so, leave to go home
7:00 start baths
7:30 bed time
7:45 crash out on the couch and watch mindless TV since I’m too frazzled to even think about my Disciple homework.
I have to remind myself sometimes that I volunteered for this gig.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom, remember?  Although there really isn’t much staying at home…

2 thoughts on “just another day…

  1. Yikes. Sounds like your day is busy than most working parents.
    In fact I do go to work for a bit of a rest sometimes . . . but shhh don’t tell anyone!

  2. Sometimes I think I should go back to work so I can get a break! How crazy is that? Luckily, most of my days aren’t quite this hectic. Only once in a while.

    Your secret is safe with me.

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