Question of the day

Why, oh why, isn’t there a DO NOT CALL list for politicians??


5 thoughts on “Question of the day

  1. I think you know the answer to that. Some people will say…”WELL. I’m not gonna vote for NObody unless THEY call ME!”

    I guess. I mean, it’s all I got. It’s probably just as good a reason as any. 🙂 It is quite annoying. I wonder, who out there has actually listened to the WHOLE recording?


  2. I came home Tuesday and there were two messages left by those stupid recordings then I get two calls again yesterday.

    Come on Nov 4th!

  3. I’ve been lucky – I haven’t seen a single political commercial or gotten a single solicitation phone call. Sweet!

    I’ll still be glad when this is all over next week.

  4. Hi Kool Aid – I totally agree. It’s times like this I realize I’m getting my monies worth from caller I.D.

  5. Hi Barbara!
    I have caller id and love it, but right now, very important phone calls come to me from an unlisted or private number and I only get 3 rings before VM picks up. So I go dashing though the house, tripping over toys and stomping the cat’s tail to get to the phone and I get “on Nov 4th…”
    It’s very frustrating…

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