election day

Yesterday, instead of staying home and obsessing over an election that I have no control over (I’m sure my vote was canceled out by someone else, but at least I voted), the kids and I headed out to the mountains for the day.  I love living close to mountains!
Here are a few of the 150+ shots I took yesterday.  Yes, I know I have a problem with taking a lot of pictures!   In no particular order, here are a few to share with you.

Who knew there would be snow here in early November?  Enough to make snowmen?  Very cute…


A shot as we were coming down the mountain.  It was a wonderful day for a hike.  
I carried Little Man on my back for the two hikes we did yesterday.  I didn’t really like the idea of him traipsing down the side of a really big hill.  He was much heaver at almost-3 years old than he was at almost-2 years old.  Funny how they grow…

Another shot taken from the top…

A view with the late afternoon sun across the range. 

We headed to a waterfall first.  It took us maybe an hour to get to these.  And then my batteries started crapping out on me.  I was not very happy.  There was even a nice lady there willing to take my picture with the kids (I’m always behind the camera) and there just wasn’t enough battery life.  So, guess who gets to go to the visitor center to pay a premium for cheap batteries that lasted about 24 hours?  I wasn’t about to go without batteries, though, because then I would have missed all the awesome shots going to and hiking up the mountain.
Being at the visitor center worked out, though, because they had a small museum and a movie theater with a short film that taught about where we were hiking.  Monkey found it interesting and, dare I say it, may have learned something!  Little Man, on the other hand, was much more interested in seeing how fast his mommy’s reflexes were when he darted through the doors to the lobby.  Watching mom freak out is way more entertaining.

On the road again….

I love fall.  These pictures came out much better than my previously overexposed pictures from our hike a couple of weeks ago.
I even played around with the lighting some… 
Just another pretty shot of the fall color in the mountains.
It was much nicer to commune with nature than to listen to talking heads all day.

4 thoughts on “election day

  1. Bee utiful!
    Thanks for making me feel better about the fact that it’s cold and autumn and damp all the time.
    There is beauty out there if you go looking (and don’t lock yourself in the house and pretend it’s not happening!)

  2. Oh, don’t worry! I’ve done my fair share of locking myself in and pretending it’s not happening outside. Not too long ago it was cold and wet and miserable so been there, done that.

    We just got lucky with some beautiful fall days.

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