You are crazy!

Yippee!  Another guest post this week!  This is from Ryan Detzel.  I found his blog over the summer when a friend of mine was talking about Pastor Ryan on The Pioneer Woman.  See, one of his many interests is cooking and he did a guest post recipe on her site.  Well, I figured a pastor with tattoos should have some interesting things to say so I visited his blog, this is reverb…, and I haven’t been disappointed yet.  
Not only does he write honestly and openly about his family, his church and other randomographies (plus a whole lot more!), he also takes amazing, crazy, really cool pictures.  I’m so excited to introduce Ryan Detzel.  
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photo by detzelpretzel

Have you ever felt like you were nuts? Like you just don’t fit, or maybe everyone else doesn’t fit?


That’s because you’re crazy. Just as crazy as everyone else, but a different flavor, and crazy still.


We all have this thing inside of us that causes us to think, move, and be different than everyone else. We were made that way. And so there are some things that just feel natural to us. There are some things that feel so natural to us that we wonder how in the world all these other people don’t have the same feelings/insights/thoughts/wants/desires/passions/et cetera. What might feel like common sense to you is hard to grasp for another.


And that’s because you’re crazy.


You were made with very specific gifts, talents, and abilities inside of you. You think a fingerprint is unique? Try the whole human being. Now that’s unique.


And in all that uniqueness; we still have a desire to be a part of a bigger something-or-other. There is a want and a need to belong…a yearning to be connected.


And that’s because you’re crazy. To the world’s standards at least. Because people are afraid. People don’t often like to admit that they’ve submitted to mediocrity. It’s easy to say no to community and no to your destiny when you’ve already said yes to the status quo.


But maybe you are crazy. Maybe you’re just crazy enough to swim upstream and find the deeper waters. Maybe you’re just crazy enough to say yes to the greatness you’ve been called to. Maybe you’re just crazy enough to trust as if you couldn’t get hurt. Maybe you’re just crazy enough to be a fool for glory rather than straight-laced for the crowd.


Maybe you’re just crazy enough to take off your mask and be the person you’ve always known you were supposed to be.



5 thoughts on “You are crazy!

  1. Well, it’s official. I am crazy. I started taking my mask off, oh, sometime around Feb 25th. It’s taken me a while to get it off. Seems to get stuck, or I get scared at times to let my real face be shown, only to be lifted up in spirit and hope and I continue to take it off. Did I always know this “me”? Not a chance. But he sure is a lot cooler than the one I did know. 😉

    Good Find Koolio!

  2. He makes a really good point, doesn’t he? Sometimes there are masks beneath the masks… right?

    Oh, and I had a funny visual when I read your comment – Jim Carrey’s Mask and him trying to take it off…

  3. I hate admitting that I’m mediocre. Gosh–that’s the most annoying thing. And so I don’t–not to my online friends, anyway. I figure my content is proof enough.

  4. Your content definitely isn’t mediocre and no, I wouldn’t say you fall under that. There are so many who do, though. They lose hope and faith and figure that “this is it, there’s nothing more.” It’s sad, really.

  5. Definitely masks behind masks, and then masks behind those I’m afraid. I wore tons of masks, as you know and if you read my Judas post, I found another one that I didn’t like wearing.

    I exactly pictured Jim Carey!!!

    oktober, I agree with Kool aid, your not mediocre by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve taken a quicky look at your site, it’s very refreshing. I felt a sense of coolness, not like “yo yo yo what up” cool, serene I guess is a better word. You got another subscriber!

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