Security blankets

Little Man likes cars.  And he likes Cars.  If you’re “in the know,”  as in haven’t been living under a rock in the last several years, you know what Cars is.  It’s a great little movie about a race car named Lightning McQueen.  Marketing has been HUGE for these little cars.  There are big toy cars – the kind the kids can actually drive – and little hot wheels sized cars, and now they’ve even made Mini Adventure Cars that are about half the size of the die cast metals ones.

Little Man will be getting lots of Cars for his birthday and Christmas.  See, his birthday is in a little over a week.  I have the unique challenge of making sure his birthday is celebrated just as it would be any other time of year and not right before Christmas.  No Christmas wrapped presents will be given to him on his birthday.  No Christmas candy in the goodie bags.  No “this is for your birthday and Christmas” combined presents.  I’ve even thought about taking down the Christmas decorations at home for that one day and redecorating for his birthday.  OK, not really, because 1) I don’t even have the Christmas decorations up yet and 2) that would be entirely too much work.
But this isn’t about his birthday (look for something next week, though, that will be in celebration of his birthday).  This is about his Cars.  He has two of the die cast metal cars.  “The King” and “Lightning McQueen” (he calls them “King” and “Queen”).  They are his security blanket.
They travel everywhere with us.  It has become quite the discussion when we get ready to go to school because he wants to take them to school.  We do manage to keep the Cars in the car at drop off time.  They go to the grocery store.  They get dropped out of the cart often and if I happen to miss that because I’m doing something important like trying to figure out which detergent will get me the best price with my coupons and sales and then move on without picking up the wayward car and he starts to worry about his car being lost and the upset tone of his voice gets higher and louder and then I have to backtrack and try and figure out where the car was last seen because God KNOWS I can’t leave the store without King/Queen and he’s so happy when I find it waaay up under the shelf that he actually giggles.  Deep Breath.
He sleeps with them.  Successfully, I might add.  Only once in a while does he lose one in the blankets.  And when he comes to climb in bed with us first thing in the morning, the clacking of little metal cars precedes him as he puts them both in one hand so his other is free to help pull himself up onto our bed.  
They’ve also become something of a weapon.  I’ve caught him using them to hit the poor puppy on the head before or throwing them across the room when he’s in a tantrum.  Those little cars hurt, in case you were wondering.
I’m sure at some point he’ll outgrow his need to carry the Cars cars everywhere he goes and after December, he’ll have a plethora of Cars cars to choose from, but for now, I think it’s kinda cute.
What’s your security blanket?

4 thoughts on “Security blankets

  1. Our middle son *loved* the Cars movie when it came out. His treat was to watch it every day. If there was a major tantrum or freak-out, he lost the priviledge, and it was a very veyr big deal to not watch the movie that day.

    He has a bunch of the characters in the “Hot Wheels” size too. He loves them. I do find them tucked into pant pockets once in a while, or in my dryer. He has also slept with them.

    your post was so familiar to me. 🙂

  2. I think it’s lovely that they have a security blanket (although not so lovely when you lose it or leave it somewhere – yes yes I’m speaking from experience!)

    My daughter has a doll, a really grotty, well worn thing that she takes EVERYWHERE.
    Really it’s quite revolting, but the way she loves that thing is just adorable.

  3. I guess, as sad as it sounds, my security blanket would be my blackberry. Its with me everywhere I go. I even sleep with it. Ok, now before you get all “gross” and stuff on me, the only outlet I can charge it on is beside my bed and the only place to lay it is on my bed. Yeah, I could charge it in my living room, but it might miss me 🙂

  4. @Rosie – Little Man has to be “frisked” every time he goes to friends’ houses because he’s always putting their cars in his pockets. He’s such a good boy ;).

    @Tara – I think I remember reading about that on your blog. Monkey never had something like that; she never could decide on one favorite thing.

    @Scott – that’s just funny.

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