What do you like?

Hello dear readers,

I was having a conversation on twitter with Writer Dad about music and it got me to wondering.  What’s in your CD player?  What’s on your iPod?  Who do you listen to?
I would LOVE to hear your suggestions and recommendations.  I like finding new music and I’m sure you can help me.  

5 thoughts on “What do you like?

  1. How long is a piece of string?
    My husband made up a compilation CD for the children and I in the car which consists of Red Hot Chilli Peppers (for the children!), a bit of Take That, a bit of Jamie Cullem (kick-back and chill out jazz), a bit of Coldplay, a bit of Jack Johnson (my daughter’s fav) and The Killers (my son’s fav).
    And so we don’t look like we’re totally mad, The Disney CD to sing along to (their fav is Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.

    Can’t say I have a particular favourite music, but if you put any country on I’ll bite your head off!

  2. Well, right now, like so many, I’m into the Christmas tunes.
    I spend most of my time on the talk radio stations. More so than listening to music.
    What I listen to most from my iPod when I listen?

    When I’m a bit mellow:
    Pete Yorn
    John Mayer (hush)
    Hootie and the Blowfish
    Crash Test Dummies
    The Shins
    Gwen Stefani

    When I’m a bit aggresive:
    White Zombie
    Motley Crue

    When I’m feeling Nostalgic:
    Motley Crue
    Alice in Chains
    Skid Row

    I love music! The music on the radio bores me though. And, I only listen to the iPod/music in spurts.

  3. @Tara – I haven’t heard Take That before, so I’m checking them out now on youtube. I had forgotten about Jamie Cullum – love it! The other music you listed, we have, too. Excellent taste!

    @WriterDad – love your mix, too.

    @Scott – your selection is very similar to mine, although I don’t think I’ve heard Pete Yorn. I’ll be checking him out, too.

  4. Right now I’m listening to David Baerwald’s “Born for Love”, but then you know that since you’re upstairs right now.

    I’ve also been on a Jason Boland kick recently, and will be listening to Bob Mould’s “Heartbreak a Stranger” in just a couple of minutes, but you’ll know that soon enough…


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