photo by mikebaird.
Life.  There are a lot of different things people say about life.  Circle of life.  Seasons of life.  Life routines.  Getting into the groove.  But what about life patterns?  Patterns are everywhere if you look hard enough.  Seasons come in a pattern.  The phases of the moon form a pattern.  How plants and animals grow and change is a pattern.  Music is a pattern.  Reading follows a pattern.  Everything starts at one phase and changes to another phase; a pattern.  You could even look at day/night as an A/B/A/B pattern.  

 photo by faeryboots
Have you ever examined a bumble bee?  He has a pattern.  Flowers follow patterns.  Trees, animals – think zebras and tigers and leopards – birds.  Think about animals that migrate; they follow a pattern every year of their life.  Everything around us has a pattern.  Even down to the DNA.  We, as people, have and develop patterns.  Oh, we call them routines, but they are patterns just the same.
We’re entering back into the school pattern today.   I love the school pattern.  I’m selfish that way.  I love being able to get my kids off to school so I can do mundane things like go to the grocery store without them.  I can run around and do little errands that would take me twice as long if I had even one of them with me.
Patterns (or routines) make life easy to follow.  I bet you travel the same way to work every day, if you work outside the home.  If you work from home, I’m sure you follow a pattern there, too.  Get up, get coffee, sit at the desk/computer/whatever for about the same length of time before you get more coffee.  As a parent getting children ready for school, you follow a pattern.  How many times a morning do you say, “Come on or we’ll be late for school,” or “Hurry up and finish your breakfast”?  Wouldn’t it be interesting to note for, say, a week, what time every morning you say that or something similar?  
Some patterns are necessary for survival.  An easy survival pattern to think of might be the spots on a fawn or a snake.  They camouflage the animal so it can either hide from the predator or the prey.  But what about a traffic pattern?  Imagine what might happen if an airplane didn’t follow a flight pattern or cars didn’t follow the road patterns.  What if a building was built haphazardly instead of utilizing the basic pattern needed for construction? 
photo by rutlo.
Think about it.  What is your pattern like?  What would happen if your pattern got disrupted somehow?  Would it totally screw up your day or would you just roll with it and adapt? 
Stop, today, at some point and look around you.  Do you see the patterns?

2 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. You’ve probably read Monday’s post on my blog,Something was off… where I explain exactly what happens when my pattern gets disrupted. It was such an odd day. I sometimes like to think I would like to disrupt some patterns, but now I’m not so sure.

  2. Sorry, Scott, but I’m behind on my reading. I had about 150 updates in my reader last night. Now that school is back, so is everything else. Once things settle, I’ll be catching up.

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