Happy Birthday

BA-na na na Nah naaah 

You say it’s your BIRTHday!

BA-na na na Nah naaah  
It’s my birthday TOO, yeah!
(nothing like being serenaded by the king of the dipshits in an old shop car)
(And I’m one year closer to 40 today)

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Nothing wrong with 40, my dear! How about I sing you my grandad’s birthday greeting instead?
    Happy birthday to you
    Squashed tomatoes and stew
    Bread and butter in the gutter
    Happy birthday to you. x

  2. Happy Birthday! I love Tara’s version it’s so much nicer than the one my dad likes to sing in a very slow monotone voice that has no relation to the HB tune: “Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. Sin and sadness in the air. People dying everywhere. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday.” Sounds morbid, but we all laugh everytime. It’s become one of those head-shaking traditions that make other people think we’re crazy. Maybe we are . ..

    My birthday is next week, so I am sure I’ll be hearing it. I too am one year closer to 40. Sigh . . . 30 was depressing enough. BG!

  3. Happy Birthday! I knew it was coming up soon, but I'd forgotten the actual day. Go out with your kids & do something fun!

  4. Hope today was a great one for you. I hate that I only had 2 seconds to say happy birthday to you during brunch today. 🙂

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