Outsmarted again

Yes, I have been outsmarted.  Not by my husband, although he is quite intelligent.  Not by my clever six-year old daughter.  Nor by my three year old son.  No.  This time, I have been outsmarted by me.

“Huh?”  You ask.  Yes, I know.  Sounds odd, doesn’t it.  But it’s true.  Here’s the story.
Several months ago – almost a year in fact – I started looking at other outlets for my blog.  Blogger works, and is sufficient, but I was really liking the appearance of some of the blogs I follow regularly and thought I’d try Word Press.  I went as far as setting up an ID and claiming the “Butterflies in my hand” name on Word Press.  Then I made a fateful decision.
I decided that instead of trying to move everything over, since I’m not that computer/blogging savvy, I would just stay where I was.  
Well, since I entered into the writing contest over at Collective Inkwell, I decided I would try and access my Word Press account in case I won the contest.  Yes, I am forever hopeful that I’ll win things I enter, even when I know I probably won’t.
It’s been too long and I was apparently too clever with my ID and pas sword.  How do I know this?  Because I have two – yes, TWO – accounts with Word Press.  One, I can access.  It uses the same email as my blogger blog.  The other, I cannot access because I can’t remember the email address I created specifically for that place.  And to make things even better, the “butterflies in my hand” domain is under that ever-so-cleverly-hidden email address.
Yes, I am outsmarted again.  And it’s no fun.  So if any of you out there knows how I can access the memory in my head of the address I was using for Word Press (surely SOMEONE out there can get me to Fringe’s lab in that basement at Harvard) I would greatly appreciate it.  Otherwise I might be stuck on Blogger forever.  Even if I do happen to win that writing contest.
 *  * * * * *
Just as an update, I have figured out what happened and which account I need to use.  I’m hoping the powers that be over at Word Press can help me merge these two accounts or something.  
Oh, and thanks for laughing with me on this.  All I needed to do was sign in under that other account.  I didn’t need to try and figure out the email address through yahoo.  Again, outsmarted by myself.  I didn’t think of just trying to sign in until a few minutes ago.  

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