Easter weekend, part 2

Part 1 of our Easter day is here.  Obviously, considering the move and everything, these posts aren’t exactly consecutive, but it’s all good.  This is giving me practice with some of the everyday features of Word Press.  


After Granddaddy and Nanny returned with the kids, we had the big traditional Easter Lunch, complete with ham, deviled eggs, veggies, rolls, the whole bit.  It was delish!  I love big family get-togethers, especially when there’s good eats.


Shortly after lunch was over, we had an Easter Egg hunt.  Nanny had filled over 100 eggs, I think, with different kinds of candy.  Three of us hid the eggs around the yard and then sent the kids off to find them.  Little Man still doesn’t quite get it.  He found one egg, then stopped to examine it, open it and then try to get the candy open.  No amount of encouragement from me would get him to move on and find more eggs.


 I mean, doesn’t he realize that they ALL had candy and the more he found, the more candy he’d get?


Luckily, there was a neighborhood girl helping him out.  She found LOTS of eggs for him.



The hunt didn’t last all that long, really.  Even though we did a really good job hiding some of them, the whole thing was over and done with in about 10 minutes.  The kids had fun and they shared their bounty with the girl from down the street since she was instrumental in helping find eggs.


 Now, if only I can figure out how to get the pictures I want to post posted.



 Once the Easter Egg Hunt was over, the kids spent a good bit of the afternoon riding bikes in the cul-de-sac.  At around 2:30, I left to head to the see The Dead.  Why so early, you ask?  Because of the parking lot scene.  I have lots and lots of pics to post for that.  Assuming, that is, I get it all figured out.


Every new house needs pictures on the wall.  I just need to find my hammer and nails.



(Ok, my pictures are hung, even if they are a little crooked.)


6 thoughts on “Easter weekend, part 2

    • Our actual house had very few pictures hung for the first six months or so. We got a few up by then but there are still several in boxes just waiting to find a more visible home. (And we’ve been here almost 3 years). Thanks for visiting!!

    • That wouldn’t be nearly as fun as finding good hiding places for the older kids. Although the idea of beaning a child on the head with an egg full of candy isn’t without humor.

  1. Just wanted to send you a ‘Welcome to Your New Blog Home!’ card. It’s looking good! (I really like the size of the font in this comment box. I’m at the age where I can’t see with my specs on or off 😦 If you win the Inkwell competition, it’ll be like getting the interior designers in even though the place already looks nice.

    • Thanks for visiting and thanks for the comments. I have no idea how the font is set on the comments but I’m glad it works for you. I wear glasses, too, so I completely understand. I don’t know if I’ll win or not (the stories are so good over there) but hopefully I’ll be able to keep this home nice and neat. Thanks again for stopping by.

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