Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.  ~ Albert Einstein  

I love watching my kids play together.  That is, when they aren’t screaming at each other at some actual or perceived aggrievance towards the other.  The stories I hear and the situations that they create are so interesting and funny sometimes.  

I couldn’t even begin to recreate the stories they tell.  They do have common themes, though.  Someone always gets hurt, or trapped somewhere, needing help.  Sometimes it’s a car, sometimes it’s a Little Pet Shop, but there is always someone that needs rescuing.  

Other times, they have to navigate the hot lava that flows across the bedroom floor/back porch/living room with deadly ooze.  Little Man has made rock bridges of their shoes to keep from touching the floor.  Monkey uses the sofa pillows.  Once I caught them standing on top of the train table in Little Man’s room.  “No standing on the table – I don’t care if there is hot lava on the floor,” I say as I’m walking past.  Trey comes up to me later and tells me there is no doubt I’m a “mom” because I mention hot lava on the floor with the nonchalance of observing rain outside.

The latest obsession with Little Man is our old steamer trunk.  I grew up with this steamer trunk as the coffee table in our den.  It was also a treasure chest, a cliff for my Star Wars figurines (the original ones!) and, yes, a bridge for hot lava.  If my parents knew how often I stood ON the trunk instead of beside it, I’m sure I would be grounded for the whole summer (not to mention how many times I jumped from it to the chair or the couch to avoid said hot lava).  It would seem these themes in imagination are somewhat hereditary.

But Little Man is so curious about what’s inside the trunk.  In reality, there are old pictures, albums, news and magazines from 9/11, other small keepsakes.  Yes, it is a treasure chest, but not the gold and jewels that a 3 year old imagines.  He’ll sneak down to where we have spare keys hanging and take some to the trunk, trying to open it.

Yesterday, I found some old keys that were in the back of my nightstand drawer.  I gave them to Little Man, attached to a lariat, and told him that these were the keys to the trunk.  He was so excited, but frustrated that the keys didn’t work!  “It’s broken!”  he says as he tries to force open the lid.  I thought about opening it for him, but I just can’t spoil what his imagination thinks is in that trunk.

We’ll get into that trunk someday and, oh, the treasures we’ll find….


7 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. Boy, the things you learn as a parent when the kids get older!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hysterical!!! Love to all, G

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