Oh, the shame of it all…

I did something today that I’m not proud of.  I don’t do it often; in fact it’s been about 3 years since I did it the last time.

I went bathing suit shopping.  

There’s a reason I don’t go bathing suit shopping every year.  I like bikinis and I’m still delusional enough to think I look good in bikinis.  Well, I don’t; at least not in a dressing room.

Sure, once I get it home, I would parade around in the bedroom with it on and get my confidence back.  I’d tuck in all those rolls and muffin tops and say to myself, “Baby, you look maaahvelous.”  It especially works when the lights are off and the shades drawn.  

I like those cute little halter-top bikinis with the string-tie bottoms.  They look fantastic on the models in the adverts for the stores.  They don’t even come close to looking good on me.  But JC Penneys was having a sale and I thought I’d go see what they had.  

They didn’t have much.  In fact, they were pretty well picked over.  I browsed, trying to piece together matching separates, trying to find my size.  I picked up several bikinis ever hopeful that this time, the bikini makers would make them in the mid-thirties-mom-of-two size.  Nope.  No such luck.  I also picked up a couple of sets in the tankini style.

The nice thing about tankinis is that when I’m lounging in the sun, I can lift up enough of the suit to still get a tan on my stomach.  And yet, they cover up all those rolls and muffin-tops that like to hang out above the bottoms.

I got lucky.

I found a cute top and after searching all over, found matching bottoms.  Bathing suits almost never look flattering, but this one was kinda cute.  I still don’t like bathing suit shopping but I’m happy with the purchase (even though it’s quite obvious I need to step up my workout schedule a bit).

But don’t expect any pictures.


6 thoughts on “Oh, the shame of it all…

  1. i told my husband after my recent trip (in which i found 2 suits), “i like the the bathing suits. they don’t look so bad on my body. i just don’t like the body”.

    i feel your pain, sister…can’t wait to see what you came up with. i’m sure it looks maahveloous…

    • “I like the suits…I just don’t like the body” – wish I had thought of that! Assuming I keep it, you’ll see it next time I’m at the pool.

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