I’m a list-maker.  I like lists.  I like the organization having a list allows me to have.  Or rather the idea that I’m organized enough to have a list, which I am not.  I make to-do lists, grocery lists, supply lists.  All kinds of lists.

I come from a long line of list-makers.  I think it’s hereditary.  My dad keeps 3×5″ index cards in his shirt pocket, along with a pen, for writing notes.  He calls it his external memory drive.

I think my granddad kept lists, too.

Anyway, I’m working on a list for our beach vacation.  Things to bring with us, things to do before leaving.  I don’t want to forget anything.  Which leads me to another point.  I’m always forgetting something.  I’m sure my neighbors just think I’m crazy.  I can’t leave the house without having to return, dash in to get whatever I forgot, then head out again.

Hopefully whatever it is I forget this time won’t be something important, like the kids or the dog, because of my list.  Trey doesn’t forget things.  He’s good like that.  He’ll be nicely packed with everything he needs, no list in sight.  I’m too scattered to do that.

I call it my ADHD style of packing.  Here’s a snippet:

Grab the suitcase and drag it upstairs, start pulling out clothes.  I’m missing some, so I head to the laundry room.  On the way, I see a cup that needs to go to the kitchen.  I put it in the dishwasher and start putting the rest of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  Once I’m done with that, I start pulling out things we’ll need from the kitchen.  Oh, but wait, I need to get detergent, too.  I head to the laundry room and remember I was going to do laundry.  I grab the detergent to take to the kitchen with the other things I’m packing then go to the bedroom to get the laundry.  I grab the dirty clothes to head down and once back in the laundry room, I realize I took the detergent upstairs.  I go back to the kitchen grab the detergent and head back down.  Start the laundry.  Grab the basket of clean clothes that need folding and take back to the bedroom.  Fold laundry.  Oh, still have to pack.  Use folded laundry to pack the suitcase.  Need other things like sheets and towels.  Head to the bathroom to collect said linens and see the bathroom counters need to be cleaned of the toothpaste that is smeared all over.  Go to the kitchen for wipes and go clean the counters.  Take the wipes back, realize I need to pack them for the beach and start grabbing more things out of the kitchen to pack.  Oh, forgot the towels and sheets….

You get the idea.

So I have a list.  A long list.  That I’ll be adding to and deleting from continually until the packing is done by the end of the week.  The list is already a two column list on a single page of paper.  I’m going to have to move to the back of the paper to finish my list…


2 thoughts on “Lists

  1. I am a list maker too! My husband thought it was kind of kooky until one day he asked me some obscure question and I was able to whip out the appropriate list.

    Now he’s impressed!

    • I bet! I used to pick on Daddy when I was younger, but not any more. If I don’t write it down, I’ll forget it. I’m forever writing notes to myself on my hand – I call it my “palm pilot”.

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