Ahhh, home sweet home…

Hello, internet.

We’re home.  In case you were wondering, we took a week off from real life and ran away to the beach.  It was fan-tab-ulous.  I grew up near the coast of NC.  Close enough that I spent days after school and weekends on the sand.  I kinda “got over it” as I got older.  The “been there, done that” opinion was strong with me.

That has completely changed.  I love taking a vacation at the beach.  We rented a townhouse that was on the beach.  That means oceanfront.  That means we could leave our back deck and walk into the sand and there was nothing between us and the ocean.

I don’t think Little Man wore shoes the entire time he was there.  Monkey put her flops on only to accompany me on our trips to the stores for beachy stuff.  Trey and I wore our shoes for a total of about 3 hours the whole week.  It was very relaxing.  

Now we’re home.  And let me tell you, I can’t wait to fall asleep in my own bed.

I took tons of pictures and lots of mental notes.  I hope that I don’t bore you over the next few posts, but to give you a heads-up, I’ll be writing about our vacation.  I hope you’ll stick around.  I do have some neat stories to share.


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