Sun, surf and sand

There’s just something fun about taking the kids to the beach.  Maybe it’s the infinite stretch of sand to play in or the crashing of the waves (way more fun than splashing in the tub).  Maybe, if they haven’t seen the beach or the ocean before, it’s the unfamiliar they find fascinating.

Whatever it is, it’s fun to watch.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon.  Monkey wore a spaghetti-strap sundress and Little Man had his t-shirt and shorts.  We walked out on the beach and I noticed the tide was back.  Good, I like low tide.  Monkey was a little more brave than Little Man because she’s been to the beach before.  It’s been a while, but I think something stirred in her memory, because she walked right up to the edge.

Little Man had a different reaction.  I’m not sure what he thought of the ocean at first because he stopped short in the sand and started digging.  I’m not even sure he saw the water past all the sand.

It was a beautiful afternoon.  The ocean breeze blew softly in over the waves; the gentle sun sparkled over sea, sand and shells.  Monkey and I stood ankle deep in the surf, feeling the water flow in then out, sucking the shells and sand out from under our feet.  There’s really no way to describe that sensation of solid ground flowing away from your toes.

Monkey laughed as she ventured a little farther out in the surf.  Little Man saw what his sister was doing and decided to get his toes wet.  He squealed and ran back up the beach, laughing the whole way.  They continued this for a while, back and forth, in and out of the water, laughing and squealing – totally oblivious that they were getting their clothes wet.  By the time we headed back to the house, Monkey and Little Man were wet from top to bottom from the splashing surf.

Watching them play is something that I’ll never forget.  Monkey standing in the waves, her wet dress billowing around her knees, her face framed by damp, dancing red hair, smiling and laughing, will be carved into my memory for all time.

Little Man covered in sand and surf, laughing and running, alternately digging in the sand and dashing through the waves, will be indelibly drawn in my mind.

It promised to be a great week.


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