soon there will be pictures

I love taking pictures.  Digital cameras are the greatest thing ever.  Yes, I’m a convert.  Not too long ago, I didn’t want a digital SLR camera and I got the regular film kind.  I don’t see it as a mistake I made at the time, just a learning experience.  I was a little leery of digital SLRs and I had a pretty decent point-and-shoot digital camera so I figured, why bother?

Almost two years ago, I made the transition to a digital SLR.  I researched and researched and finally decided upon a Pentax k100d for an anniversary present.  Last year, I got a telephoto lens for it and Photoshop Elements for the Mac.  Let me just say that I LOVE my digital SLR.  And I love having Photoshop.  

You are probably wondering why I’m talking about cameras when I said I was going to be posting about our vacation.  Well, in our house, cameras and vacations go hand-in-hand.  I mean I took over 500 pictures when we went to Disney World last year (over about 3 days in the parks).  In true form, I snapped lots and lots of pictures last week.   After the first day, I noticed when I was looking back over pictures taken that there was a big black dot on all my pictures.  The infamous dust on the sensor.

Had I had a film camera, I would never have known until I had the pictures developed and I would have a bunch of ruined pictures.  However, with the digital, I’m able to use Photoshop (yay!!) and fix the pictures.  It’s time consuming, though.  I’m thinking there has to be a way to cover up the spots that isn’t pixel by pixel, but I’m getting through them.

So that is what is taking so long getting my posts and pictures up.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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