Splashing and digging

(Editor’s note: some of these pictures are from the evening we arrived at the beach, after getting suits on the kids)

Our first morning at the beach, the kids were up bright and early.  Naturally.  Little Man is an early morning child.  His feet often pad into our room before the alarm even bats an eye.  After fixing breakfast, I sat on the deck to read a while but that didn’t last long.  Monkey followed me out and asked if we could go down on the beach.  At first, I declined, but changed my mind when I remembered what it was like to be a child at the beach.  So we got on our suits and went to play in the sand.

The water felt great.  Even though it was early in the summer season, the water’s coolness was refreshing, not jolting.  Little Man, of course, spent more time in the sand while Monkey and I braved the water.  Kids and the beach just go hand-in-hand.

We stayed out for about an hour, maybe more, before heading back in for snacks and a break.  Trey’s sister was coming up to visit us for the day and bringing her twin daughters (age 5) to spend some time on the beach.  Monkey repeatedly asked, “When will they get here?”  Patience is not one of her virtues.  Little Man was snoring on the couch.

Shortly after lunch, they arrived.  Monkey was excited; Little Man continued to snore.  Off to the beach the girls ran.  Little Man did wake up eventually to join in the fun.

They stayed for a few hours and the day continued it’s trek to evening.  It was an amazing first full day at the beach.


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