Ride the Lightning

We’ve been getting some nasty thunderstorms around here lately.  Wednesday night was no exception.  Little Man was tired enough to sleep through it all, but Monkey couldn’t fall asleep.  Instead she was downstairs with us because she doesn’t like storms.  We kept telling her that everything will be ok, there’s nothing to be scared of.

Trey even said “Know what scares me?  Nothing!” and right at that moment, there was a KAPOP that came from right behind where Trey was standing.  We all jumped – even Trey, who is scared of nothing.  Actually, it was pretty funny.

Then we realized we had no cable or internet.

We figured it was just a normal outage.  After a little while, Monkey crawled back into bed and I lay down next to her.  We talked a few minutes about storms and finally she was ok with me leaving to go downstairs.  We had another episode of TrueBlood to watch.  Trey turned on the dvd player and got the movie ready.  We heard the music come up, but there was no video.  Great.  Well, maybe there’s some weird connection with the cable going out and no video on the tv.  One can hope, right?  Especially since we’re able to watch cable on our upstairs tv.

Thursday morning, I swap out the modem and the cable box in the hopes that it fixes the problem.  Unfortunately, the last three episodes of LOST that I had recorded and not yet watched got swapped out, too.  I got home and hooked up the modem and cable box.  No go.  After spending some quality time on the phone with the cable techies, they schedule an appointment to have a technician come out and check out the problem.

12 hours so far without the internet and we have to wait another 24 for the technician to come and fix the problem.  Friday rolls around and the cable guy shows up.  No, it’s not Jim Carrey, thank goodness!  After he ran some diagnostics, we discovered that the cable splitter got fried.  But that wasn’t all.

The lightning strike fried part of our receiver, too.

So today, Trey went shopping for a new receiver.  He’s hooking it up now.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can watch TrueBlood in surround-sound again.


2 thoughts on “Ride the Lightning

    • When I was a kid I HATED storms but now I kinda like them. Their power is incredible. I especially liked them when we lived in Oklahoma because I could watch them from so far off, I couldn’t hear the thunder. Those were pretty cool.

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