chasing fireflies

Summertime has several requirements.  Swimming, picnics, sleeping late, camps, vacations, just to name a few.  Last night, Monkey and I checked off something else on our list.

Chasing fireflies.

As a child, I remember chasing fireflies and keeping them in a mason jar with holes hammered in the lid with an old screwdriver.  It was something I always looked forward to even if I couldn’t do it every night.  There’s just something fascinating about a little bug that blinks.

We have been out later than usual with Vacation Bible School this week.  Our church holds its VBS from 6:30-9:00pm (and on a side note – I’m exhausted from helping with the crafts during this).  We’ve been getting home every night just at twilight, with fireflies all over the yard.

The first two nights, Little Man was with us, so I would quickly usher the children inside and get him to bed.  9:30 is just too late for him to be up to for several nights in a row.  Last night, however, Little Man had stayed home with Trey so he could get to bed at a decent hour.

When Monkey and I arrived home, we stayed in the front yard for a few minutes chasing fireflies.  The timing was perfect.  It was just dark enough to see all the blinking lights without being too dark to see where we were going.

Watching her chase fireflies was so fun.  Her graceful form moved across the grass in a dance choreographed by nature as she darted after the tiny lights.  Some of them flew up high, just out of her reach, others disappeared in the shrubs along the front porch, but she did manage to catch one or two.  I couldn’t resist.  I walked out onto the grass with her and managed to catch one for her.

There’s nothing like chasing fireflies on a warm summer night.


6 thoughts on “chasing fireflies

    • They do! I’ve been seeing so many every night this week because of taking a friend’s daughter home. I drive through some wooded areas and it’s like the stars came down from the sky.

    • Thanks for visiting! I didn’t know Florida didn’t have fireflies. You should travel north sometime. I think there’s even a firefly festival in the mountains of Tenn. Somewhere near Gatlinburg, I think? Anyway, have a great morning!

  1. I’ve never seen fireflies, at least out side of the movies. Awesome story, and awesome that you’ve recorded it for a forever that you can someday give to Little Man and Monkey.

    • I still have a hard time imagining that some people have never seen fireflies. They are such a part of my childhood and now my kids’ childhood. We have a lot of trees behind our house and the neighbor’s house and at night it’s like the stars have come down from the sky with all the blinking lights in the canopy. If only I could figure out a way to take a picture….

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