Playing games online

photo by noahg

photo by noahg

Disclaimer:  I am fully aware that internet addiction and online gaming is a serious issue for many people.  Please know that this post is not meant to offend or get anyone on their soapbox.

Trey and I play games together.  Only, it’s not board games on family night.  He’s on the desktop and I’m on the ipod touch.  His game “obsession” is Facebook Mafia.  Mine is Othello.  We can’t seem to get enough.

He’s even gone so far as to set up a ghost account on Facebook so he can get people in his Mafia from all over the world and yet not share his personal profile with those people.  He’s still a very private person in many ways.  I did warn him that I would be blogging about this, though.   I’ll try and keep it nice, sweetheart.  Anyway, the ghost account works for him because within about two weeks, he had his full mafia of about 500+ people.  Now he just plays to maintain his status as opposed to build his Mafia.  Plus, he has people from all over the world playing the game with him, which, to me, is pretty neat.  I still think it’s cool to check my stats here and see the people from other countries that visit my blog.

If you aren’t familiar with Othello, it’s also called Reversi.  It’s the game where you trap your opponent between two of your colors (either black or white) then flip the chips in between.  The person with the most colors at the end of the game wins.  Aaaaand I have just discovered that I can find Othello games on the internet.  Look out, internet!  Here I come!

Ok, not really.  See, here’s the thing.  I totally suck at playing Othello.  I can play the board game just fine and win a reasonable amount of games.  I’ve been teaching Monkey and she’s good at it!   She’s now teaching Little Man (although he doesn’t quite get it).  But when I get on my ipod, I’m a big ol’ loser.  Most of the people I end up playing are from Japan and they always kick my tail.  Once though, just recently, I did manage to win against someone in Japan.  Probably a 6 year old, like Monkey, but victory was MINE!  Other countries I’ve played against are the US, Norway, France, and Singapore but the majority of the time, it’s Japan.

Good thing there isn’t an Olympic event in playing Othello.  And good thing I’m not a contender.

Yet, I still play.  I keep thinking that if I play enough, I’ll start to learn some of the opponent’s tricks and strategies and get better.  Not happening – at least not yet.

One of these days, though, I’ll beat you aaaall.  Mwaa ha ha haaaaa….


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