duct tape and velcro

photo by *clarity*

I think my children are trying to kill me.  A slow, painful demise brought about by copious amount of screaming and whining and crying and yelling.  The noise crawls in my ear and burrows itself into my brain like those worms from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

It’s gotten to the point where unless there is blood or broken bones, I won’t even go into whatever room the mayhem is happening.  It’s sad, I know.  I’m the mom.  I should have some control of this, right?

But in reality, I’d rather plug up my ears with my ipod and listen to something other than the screams.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work.  The screaming and the whining and the crying and the yelling seem to follow me.

Being in public doesn’t change things, either.  It would seem that it has become Monkey’s hobby to see just how far she can push Little Man to make him scream at her while I’m glaring at the both of them, mentally weighing the pros and cons of duct tape and velcro.

Ahhh, the joys of parenthood in the summer…


11 thoughts on “duct tape and velcro

    • Oh, we soooo have an instigator and anger management issues! He’s actually kinda cute with some of the fits he throws when he gets frustrated.

      Please tell me you and your brother get along now… I need hope for the future.

  1. I thought this was only going on in my house. I’m sad to say that I’m almost ready for school to start.

    I know its summer bordeom setting in. I’m not sure what happened to playng outside and just making up games and being entertained for hours.

    Todays kids are so different than the children of the past.

    visiting form sits

    • If we didn’t have such a big mosquito problem in our back yard, I would send them outside all the time. The last time they played in the sprinkler for about 20 minutes, I counted 27 bites on Little Man. It’s baaad in our yard. They don’t get much tv (although when they do, they’re not fighting) but they can’t seem to agree on the games they’re playing. It’s a lose – lose situation around here.

      Thanks for the visit!

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