A new obsession

I have a new obsession.  It’s a little one, but I could see the potential for it to grow bigger.

I want an apron.

Now before you get all “hey hey, hey, hot stuff” on me, I’m not talking about THAT kind of French Maid-ish apron (although I’m sure Trey would approve).

Nor am I talking about the June Cleaver kind of apron.

I want something fun and cute and easy to clean.  I have my old denim Pampered Chef apron, but that’s kinda blah, you know?  Blue denim.  Whoopee.

Not too long ago, I found through The Secret is in the Sauce a blog called Apron Goddesses.  Ah HAH!  I’m not the only one wanting an apron!  There are many different buttons on her blog that lead to others who make aprons, dresses, skinny scarves, whatever.  Oh, and these really awesome jeans!  She even has apron giveaways on her blog.

Now here’s the thing.  I’m cheap frugal with my money and I can’t really afford some of these cute little aprons (or those really awesome jeans) and I never win online contests, so now it has me thinking:  could I make these on my own?  I could, but it would have to be the old fashioned way – as in, no sewing machine.  I can sew with needle and thread but I haven’t the first clue how to use a machine.

Oh, but if I could… the things I would make… aprons, scarves, patchwork jeans, and finally, the coups de grace, the t-shirt quilt.

See that?  That’s my obsession getting bigger.  Must.  Learn.  To sew.


10 thoughts on “A new obsession

    • I do still have my little half-apron from when I waited tables, too. It made a good treat-holder for when I was training our dog. I could put the treats in the pocket and get them out quickly. Unfortunately, it’s small and boring black, so it’s not really what I’m wanting.

  1. check to see if dad still has the sewing machine from making the coats, sleeping bags etc. I made dresses, scarves with that machine. Love to all, M

  2. Also, I started wearing an apron when you were little. Judy, etc. used to kid me about it unmercifully!!! It went on in the am and did not come off till after bath time, so I understand the appeal!!! Love, m

  3. I love Aprons too! I don’t have one, because I would probably forget to even wear it. But I think they are so adorable and I am so messy they would definitely save my clothes. Aprons are mostly just hemming, you could definitely make one with no sew glue from the craft store or iron on hemming tape to save time on the hand sewing.

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