coming up for air

*sputter*  *sputter*

ACK!  I’m in over my head!

splash, splash

Books and chores and other responsibilities are falling all around me!

splash, splash

*GASP!!*  Can’t…. catch…. a…. breath….

*reaching for the lifeline, dragging ashore….*

LOOK OUT!  Even here I can’t get away!

Bam, thunk, bounce, bounce, kerthump

Oh, what the hell,  CANNON BALL!!



8 thoughts on “coming up for air

  1. I so have those days too. Not much you can do, but tread water. I’ve been making little lists and it really seems to help me. I feel like an idiot, sometimes…and hope no one else will see the “take a shower” & “eat lunch” type entries. Hell, we all need a little help from time to time. Here’s my arm floaties for you….it’ll make the treading a little easier:)

    • Thanks for visiting! I’m a listmaker, too, but sometimes even the list gets overwhelming. Things are getting a little easier, though. It helps knowing I have people throwing floaties and life preservers to me 🙂

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