Hello, again

I’m here, people.  I’m still trying to catch up with my life because it seems to be racing by me at lightning speed (insert Lightning McQueen image here, “Speed, I am speed!”).  We are in the full swing of homeschool now and I’m still trying to figure out how to juggle that with everything else in my normal day-to-day routine.

I know I’m not the only one.  In fact, a friend of mine told me if I ever figure out how to juggle everything, let her in on the secret.  Believe me, if I get it all figured out, I’ll be getting my patent and trademark all over it, then sell it for a quarter to anyone who wants it.  I imagine even at that price, I’ll make some money because I don’t think anyone has it completely “together”.

But, here are some good things that are happening around here:

Potty Training Power has seemed to do the trick with Little Man’s occasional accidents.  He’s rushing himself off to the bathroom even in the middle of dinner and I haven’t had any messages from his teacher about trouble at preschool (although we are still working on our “number 2’s”).  If you haven’t checked it out yet, I did a review of it a few weeks back.  Click the link and it’ll get you there.  I can say, without hesitation, that this is the best thing going for helping with one of the most frustrating things about parenting.

The homeschooling aspect of our day is going well, so far.  Monkey is blowing through her reading curriculum.  I think we’ll be done by Christmas, if not Thanksgiving.  She’s doing very well in her work; the only problems cropping up are careless errors.  Those were the bane of my existence when I was in school, so I can totally relate to her on that.

Both children started their enrichment/preschool programs a couple of weeks ago and they love it.  Little Man gets upset when it’s time to go home.  He doesn’t want to leave because he’s having so much fun.  Normally, I don’t like it when he pitches a fit, but it’s hard to get frustrated when it’s because he likes his school so much.  Monkey seems to like her enrichment program, although she doesn’t really talk about it much.  At least she isn’t complaining about it.

As for me, it’s nice to be able to claim a few hours a week to myself again.  Although, technically, I’m not really doing things for ME, I’m just doing things like going to the grocery store or Lowe’s without having to bring the children.  If you are a parent, though, you understand the freedom that entails.

We’ve started a few home-improvement type projects, too.  Right now, just simple things like painting the old 70’s style wood trim white and changing out door knobs so they all match.  But new carpet is on the list as well as updating the kitchen cabinets – both of which I think are original to the house (which is more than 30 years old).  I don’t know that we’ll get to them all this year, but in a perfect world….

And lastly, Trey and I get to take a working vacation to… wait for it…. Hawaii!!  He’s working and I’m vacationing.  It’s kindof a short notice thing as we’ll be going next month, but everything has fallen into place to allow this to happen.  I’m so excited!!!

Hopefully, as the routine of life finds it’s groove, I’ll be around more often, but don’t expect too much in the next little while.  I’ll be lucky to have something to post more than once a week, but know that I’m here and I’ll be back as soon as I can take a breath.  Oh and if you’ve left a comment and I haven’t responded, I apologize.  Normally, I try to answer everyone but lately, I just haven’t had the time.  I hope that’ll change, too, as I get used to the routine.

Have a great day!!


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