Oh, snap!

I have been shopping.  Shopping is a good thing.  Since starting Dave Ramsey’s plan last year, I am given a monthly “allowance”, if you will, of money that can be spent on whatever I want to.  New clothes, movie rentals, music, lunch/dinner out with friends – whatever.  We refill/add to our envelopes at the beginning of each month.  Normally, I spend all the money I have but last month, I actually had some left over.  So I went shopping on Sunday and found some tank tops and a new purse.

Monday, I went to exchange a gift from Kohl’s for store credit and decided to take a stroll through their shoes.  I’ve been wanting to get something fun and flashy to wear with my jeans.  Thanks to a blog I had visited a week or so ago, what I wanted was some red heels.  Every woman should have a pair of red heels.  Just because.  Truly, I didn’t expect to find any, but there they were, on clearance for $12.  Score!

Then, today, I went to Target to browse through their clearance racks and look over their jeans.  I haven’t bought myself new jeans in about 3 years, so I figure it’s about time.  I didn’t really like what Target had for jeans, but I did find 3 new tops in their clearance section.

Later, I went to Old Navy and guess what?  They had jeans on sale for $19!  Score!  Again!  And they had some long sleeve tops on sale for $5 each AND they also had a military discount special going on for an additional 10% off.  It doesn’t really get much better than that.  Getting new clothes on sale?  Yeah….

Oh, and those shoes?




12 thoughts on “Oh, snap!

  1. I love sales! You racked em up! Gotta love Dave Ramsey, my grandpa is always on me about how amazing he is, and how I need to listen to him. Love your blog, love your post. Saw you on SITS roll call, and had to say hello! The Neuff

    • RIght now, they’re stopping in their tracks to wonder about “who’s that woman trying to walk in spike heels?” Normally I’m a flats kinda girl. Walking in spike heels is going to take some getting used to. Thanks for the visit 🙂

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