A week in the tropics

In a surprising turn of events, I’m off again on another vacation.  Last month, Trey was scheduled for a trip to Hawaii and we were able to make arrangements for me to travel with him – YIPPEE!!  MawMaw and (great)Aunt P were able to travel here to take care of the children, I got my work schedule adjusted and a plane ticket was purchased.

This week, I’ll be off on the first full vacation that Trey and I have been able to take with just the two of us in quite some time.  Happy 10th anniversary!

While I’m gone, there will be posts scheduled with quotes of the day taken from my granddaddy’s notecards.  I hope you enjoy them and as you read them, imagine them typed up on old yellowed note cards with that old typewriter font that computers just can’t duplicate or written in fountain pen ink in the scrawling handwriting of a man seeking the truth.


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