I’m baaaack….

Good Monday morning to all!

Yes, I am back from vacation and my body hurts.  Can’t imagine why – something about spending 10 hours on a plane and 4 hours in an airport.  You know, they say it’s easier to travel west than it is east.  Whoever “they” are, they’re right.  After traveling to Hawaii (and sleeping for 14 hours or so that first night), my body’s clock adjusted pretty quickly.  However, I’ve been home now since dinner time Saturday and my body still doesn’t know what time it is.

I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful an experience this past week was.  I’ll have several stories to share including my first impressions of Honolulu, snorkling, eating in a tropical locale (fresh pineapple that’s positively orgasmic), that sort of thing, but I’ll have to gather my thoughts a bit as well as try to catch up with “real life”.  Monkey’s lesson plans have some serious gaps that need filling.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this view from our hotel room.



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