Surf’s up!

No, not here in this landlocked state but I was in Hawaii where there is lots of surfing going on.  I love to watch surfing.  Maybe it comes from spending my teen years living on the coast of NC but it’s something that I never tire of watching.  And it’s not just the hot bods either.  It’s the whole concept of dancing on the water on a piece of fiberglass, balancing, shifting, turning, slicing through the waves dragging fingertips along the waterwall behind you.

The famous North Shore is on Oahu, which is the island we visited.  We did not travel to the North Shore this time around because the surf isn’t that big right now.  Now, when I say “isn’t that big”, remember it’s all relative.  I have pictures (which I will share) of surfers riding waves that appear to be about 4-6 feet in height.  If memory serves, that’s good enough surf in NC to skip school and head to the beach – not that I did that or anything.  However, during the winter months of Hawaii, the North Shore gets 30-plus feet of surf.  Now THAT’s big surf.  I have no idea why winter is when the big waves hit the beach but I suppose I could google it and get tons of hits.  Maybe another day.

So, without further ado, here are some surf pictures for your pleasure.

This photo was taken with my regular lens from the top of a beachy cliff.  See those tiny specks?  Those are the surfers.  You can also see how clear the water is and how much coral reef there is below the water.

Then I decided to swap lenses so I could actually see the surfers.  Because what’s the good of watching surfers if you can’t actually see them?

Oops.  Wipeout.  But look, even girls surf!  And in some of the tiniest bikinis I’ve ever seen.  What I’d like to know is when they wipe out, how do their suits stay on?  Oh, wait, that’s right.  Girls are that good – they don’t wipe out.

Doesn’t that make you want to skip school and head to the beach?

Me, too.


3 thoughts on “Surf’s up!

  1. “Dancing on the water.”

    Sometimes I feel like you’re writing for ME! I love surfing and want to learn how. They just look like they are a part of the energy of the ocean.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed your time in Hawaii!

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