The Devil Wears Prada, or at least a doggie costume

Monkey has an idea – a little venture, shall we say.  I’m not sure where the idea originated from but she came home talking about it on Monday from her enrichment class.  Several of the kids in her class, including her and her good friend, C, are designing dog costumes to sell.  Nevermind that the pet stores are chock-full of doggie costumes, but she started working on her drawings and her “business plan” on Monday.

Being the loving mom that I am, fully supportive of all my children’s ventures, I thought – nay, hoped – that she’d be “over it” by Tuesday.

Nope.  She continued to draw and plan out her costumes.  Actually, I loved that she was drawing them.  I’m all about drawing on paper because that doesn’t really involve that much involvement from me other than a “that’s nice, honey” every once in a while.  Wednesday, she returned from her enrichment program with even bigger plans and more accomplices.  Now they’re planning on selling the costumes in the driveway and asking people to measure their dogs so the costumes can be a custom fit.

Hmmmm…..  so it’s not going away, is it?

Wednesday night, at church during drop off, Monkey wanted to approach a friend of mine and ask if she had dogs and if she would like to buy a costume.  I know this mom and she’s very sweet and sincere and told Monkey as she looked at her drawings that she would think about it.  I know it doesn’t sound like it because intonations can’t really be interpreted over the monitor, but I promise, she was sincere.

Ok, let me stop here and explain something.  I’m a crafty person.  I like to scrapbook, make cards, make jewelry, knit – I really should open up my own little etsy shop, but I also have a streak of laziness.  Sometimes I don’t WANT to be creative.  This is where my quandary lies.  I don’t want to discourage Monkey with this idea.  She’s really into it!  But I really don’t want to have to “deal” with it, you know?  I’m not a good mom that way.  Last year, she wanted to have a dog show.  She was so excited about it and wanted to invite people and such, but I dragged my feet until she forgot about it.  Yay me, great mommy award there, right?

So, after dropping Monkey off to her class, I approached another friend who was asking me what Monkey was selling.  I explained to my friend, D, what Monkey was doing and how she was so enthusiastic about it.  I told her my issue and she, very gently, I might add, scolded me.  “You have to support her on this – come on!”  And she was right.  So, Wednesday night, after picking up Monkey, we talked about some logistics with her idea.  Maybe designing them for live dogs wasn’t the best idea.  What about Webkinz?  All her friends have those while not everyone has a live dog.  Also, dogs can be really big and making a costume for one big dog would be, cost-wise and effort-wise, as much as two or three little ones.  Webkinz are all close to the same size.  We also talked about how successful she was at pre-selling her costumes to her friends and that it might be easier to just sell them to her friends instead of setting up a “garage sale” for them.

Monkey pondered those ideas.

Yesterday, she got her money together and asked me to take her to the fabric store.  She’s ready to start making some of her designs.  She’s going to use some of her Webkinz and other stuffed animals as models.  We got fabric for a mummy, a fairy and a vampire.

I’m guessing we’re gonna get creative today.


4 thoughts on “The Devil Wears Prada, or at least a doggie costume

  1. That’s the thing about kids, when THEY get an idea usually it’s YOU who does most of the grunt work.

    I say bust out the camcorder! You’ll at least have something you can show her future beaus. 😉

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