Charlie in Charge

Insanity has found a roost at our house.  And her name is Charlie.












Our puppy, who is no longer a puppy, needed a playmate.  Why?  Because I was tired of him trying to chew on me.  Poor Puppy was in so need of a playmate that he was irritating me to death.  Now he has a friend to irritate.  Although, right now, I think it’s the other way around.  Charlie likes Puppy’s toys and enjoys playing “keep away”.  Puppy doesn’t like that much.

The thunderous sound of them running up and down the hallway, crashing down the stairs and sliding on the hardwoods has become the background noise of our house over the last 24 hours.

Yep.  They were made for each other – that is, once they figure out who’s in charge.


2 thoughts on “Charlie in Charge

  1. Two dogs are definitely more fun than one! Though that thundering through the house and the tornado of fur that crashes into you can sometimes leave a mark. 🙂

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