Playin’ Opossum

Well, it would seem that Charlie has encountered her first opossum last night.  What is it with dogs and opossums?  Or is it just my dogs?

Last night, just before bed as part of our routine, I let the dogs out for one last potty break.  The next thing I know, Charlie is barking vociferously at something near the fence.  By the time I got to the door to call her back in, she and Puppy were both involved in whatever it was they were barking at.  The next thing I saw was Charlie cutting across the back yard holding something big and furry in her mouth with Puppy chasing behind trying to get said furry thing out of her mouth.  There have been times, before Charlie came along, that Puppy has chased small furry creatures at night, not wanting to come back inside when it’s time, but this is the first time it was caught.  I think he was jealous.


So, yeah, my dogs thought a poor little opossum was a chew toy last night.

This isn’t the first time, either.  My first dog, Cheyenne, liked to harass opossums in our yard, too.  She treed a raccoon once, too, but that’s not part of this story.  I truly feared for those opossums because not only would Cheyenne carry them, she’d shake them really hard, too.

By the time I got shoes on to go rescue the poor creature and bring the heathens back inside, Charlie had at least dropped it on the ground.  The dogs were circling and barking and sniffing and not about to go inside.  I grab collars, but naturally, Charlie’s is too loose and slips over her sleek little head.  I get it back on, cinch it tight, and practically drag her to the door.  I couldn’t really see the opossum all that well to tell if he was breathing, but he was laying there, on his back, looking really dead.  My hope was that by the morning, he’d be gone.

He was.  When I let the dogs out this morning, Charlie went straight to the part of the yard where she had left the opossum and sniffed and searched.  I’m hoping he learned his lesson and won’t be back in our yard again.  That was just too much activity for me at 10:00 at night when all I want to do is go to bed.



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