This past weekend was a good one.  A dear friend had to have shoulder surgery last month and as a surprise, I planned a pedicure session for a group of us to pamper her.  It was a great excuse to go get a pedi and she hadn’t had one in years.  It was fan-tab-ulous!

While we were sitting around letting our toes dry and finishing our glass of wine, I got a call from Trey.  He usually doesn’t call unless something is wrong but this time he was calling to share a funny story.  I’m here to share it with you.

It was a beautiful day – perfect fall weather – so he and Little Man were outside playing and doing yard work.  Trey was working on trimming some bushes that had grown too high by the house and decided to get the ladder out to finish the trimming from the roof.  While he was up there, he started cleaning off the leaves and getting junk out of the gutters.  As he’s telling me this, my first thought was the Little Man had climbed up the ladder to join him.  Nope.


Little Man had knocked over the ladder.  Trey is stuck on the roof.  Trey said that Little Man was standing there like “what?” then started trying to lift the ladder up himself.

“I can’t get it, Daddy!”

“Go get Monkey!”


So Little Man returns with Monkey.  Trey tells her that Little Man had knocked over the ladder.  Monkey tells him Little Man said Daddy did it.

Monkey was able to get the ladder up (she’s really a strong little girl) but it was very unstable.  Trey and Monkey worked together to find a stable piece of ground so that he could get down without falling.

I can’t even begin to tell you how badly I wished I could have seen it all happen.  I would have been standing there with a video camera for sure.


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