What the… ?!

Do you ever find yourself wanting to say, “What the hell?”  I do.  All.  The.  Time.  The problem is that the children are with me most. Of. The. Time.  And often they are the driving force behind my desire to exclaim, “What the hell?”  Now there is the occasional “what the hell is that?” or “what the hell’s going on here?” that can be associated with something seen along the road or in stores sometimes while shopping.  I mean have you SEEN the People of Walmart website?  But back to my offspring.

The “what the hell were you thinking?” is usually the first to pop in my mind, generally after they do something I specifically tell them not to.

Or all of a sudden I’ll hear them both screaming and crying and “what the hell’s going on?” will bubble to the surface.

And then finally, there’s the “oh, what the hell,” usually considered in resignation when the deed done can’t be undone and there’s really nothing else to do but sit there, sigh, and try and laugh about it.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I don’t actually SAY these things, just think them really loudly in my head.  There have been times when “What the…?” will sneak out but I always catch myself before the third word.  But sometimes I wonder what the reaction would be.  If I actually said, “What the hell were you thinking?” after busting them for something, would the impact be enough that they would never do it again?  Hmmm…. food for thought.

Parenting children can be such a challenge.  Fun and enjoyable most of the time, but sometimes there are days when “What the…?! is the name of the game.


8 thoughts on “What the… ?!

  1. I agree, it is a common phrase I would love to use out loud around here. Have you seen the show Modern Famil? The dad in one of the episodes says he’s up on the teen texting lingo and says WTF (I know a little different then WTH) stands for “Why the face?” Pretty funny and a good substitute that makes us chuckle sometimes.

    Visiting from SITS. Have a great Thursday!

    • A friend was telling me about her two toddlers coming in the room and saying “O. M. G.” the other day. They have no idea what it stands for, but they still used it! I could just see mine starting in with WTF in public. Now THAT would be interesting 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. Why the Face? Ha, I’ve gotta start using that. I’m totally Pollyanna around my children and a gutter mouth as soon as they’re not around. It is quite the schizophrenia.

  3. I frequently found myself saying, “what the hell?” about half hour into putting my son to bed and getting into my work, only to hear him waking up and crying.

    But that was before sleep training, which worked wonders!

    Now I am more likely to say it after my cats start their routine of puking or crapping as we eat dinner.

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