Refrigerator Friends

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while.  It has to do with friends and how close they are.  It’s a concept that I heard a long time ago.  In fact, I had to go back in my blog to see if I had written about it before.  Nope.  But that in itself got me thinking about people who blog for a living and have pages and pages and pages – years’ worth of posts; how do you keep from getting repetitive?  But I digress.

It’s the concept of “refrigerator friends”.  The basic definition is that a “refrigerator friend” is a friend you’d let look in your fridge (or you would go in their fridge) if they were at your house.  I’m not talking about looking like snooping, but one of those times when you’d say, “Sure, help yourself,” when they ask for a drink and they go to your fridge to get one.

Think about what is in your fridge and would you let a friend see it?  You have leftovers stacked on top of each other.  Bottles of condiments playing Jenga in the door.  Maybe even a science experiment growing in the back.  Or maybe you’re the kind of person that has the TV commercial fridge that’s absolutely perfect.  If you do, this concept might not apply to you.

The idea is that if a friend is close enough to see the “junk” in your fridge then they are a true, dear friend.  There are no pretensions, no fronts.  I love having friends like that.  It’s too much work keeping up pretensions with people who are close to me.  What’s the point?  Why bother?  Having that open friendship allows us to laugh and cry with each other.  We’re honest and caring and when troubles come, we have a place to turn.

Sure, I have acquaintances and I’ll invite them over for a party or gathering, but I may set up my house and kitchen so that they don’t look in my fridge.  I mean, I do have some pride (my fridge is a mess on any given day).  And I have refrigerator friends who don’t live near me any more; friends made in early childhood, school and college and beyond.  That distance, though, makes no difference.  If they were visiting, even if it’s been YEARS since hugging their neck last, I’d still say, “Sure, help yourself.”

I love my refrigerator friends.  They are a blessing to me and mine.


7 thoughts on “Refrigerator Friends

  1. I am one of those people! I wouldn’t say my fridge is perfect, but it is photo ready probably 99% of the time.

    That being said, I don’t have a lot of people over. I’d love to be the person who just up and throws a party, but I’m not. Sooo, anyone who is welcome in my home is essentially a “refrigerator friend”.

  2. Hmmm, I haven’t ever really thought about this concept. Very interesting. We have a fridge in our garage for drinks only and I have no problems letting anyone go in there to grab what they want. But yeah, my personal fridge? I guess that is kind of private, huh? Mine is typically pretty organized so I think I would let anyone go into it. I will have to pay attention next time people are over.

    Visitng from Sits… 🙂

    • We have a drink fridge, too, and that’s one that anyone can go to, but yeah, I’m talking about the personal fridge in the kitchen. Mine isn’t so organized but it’s not trashy either. I’d say it’s more like any average home’s fridge. Still, I don’t think I’d let just anyone in it.

      Thanks for visiting!!

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  4. I love this post and the idea behind a “refrigerator friend.” I have a couple who I would let into my fridge (which, by the way, until TODAY could’ve won the prize for grossest thing ever – how ironic). Those are the friends who can see not only in my fridge, but also my closet, my upstairs bathroom not meant for guests, and anywhere else their hearts desire. Those are the best friends, who hold no judgment, because they know exactly who I am.

    • Thank you so much for visiting! You’re so right about those close friends having total access to your house. I’m the same way. My closest friends are welcome any time and I don’t feel the need to do the oh-no-I-have-someone-coming-to-the-house-so-I-have-to clean up. They’ve even sat with me while I folded laundry. It’s refreshing having those kinds of friends surround you.

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