Christmas Tree Sweepstakes

Trey and I have talked about getting a fake tree this year.  Actually, we talk about it every year when we think about all the care involved in getting a real tree.  Here’s my thing – most of the fake trees I’ve seen, that we can afford, didn’t seem even remotely real and they don’t have that “Christmas Tree” smell.  That can be fixed with a pine scented car thingy, but the trees that do seem real are way expensive – for us, anyway.

Well, here’s an opportunity to win one of those pricey, yet beautifully full and realistic looking trees from Balsam Hill.  Now, I do understand that I most likely won’t win, but I entered anyway because I’m an incurable optimist.  And I’m spreading the word so you, too, can have an opportunity to win a tree.  It’s not entirely altruistic of me, though, because if the winner is referred from my website, then I win $500.  I can ‘t win both, though – that would be greedy and against the rules.

So, if you want to take a chance and win a beautiful Colorado Mountain Spruce Tree valued at $799, just click on the link in my post (the contest link is at the bottom of their home page) or the button on the sidebar.  Who knows, you might actually win!!


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